Wine Openers To Help You In Opening The Wine Bottles Easily

Wine certainly tastes great and many people around the world loves to have wine in their dinner treats. Opening a wine bottle is certainly a fun thing to do, but many people find it difficult to open the wine bottles as they are sealed with corks. There are many variations and tricks that can help you to open the wine bottle with ease. Everyone loves to open a cork, but the traditional way of opening the wine bottle is using the wine openers. Many people in the world use wine bottle openers to open the bottle. These openers are also made available in many types. You can get to know more about them at Pop a Cork.

Some of the popular types are mentioned below.

Twist corkscrews: Twist corkscrews are the first ever bottle opener. If we look back to the history, twist corkscrews is the first bottle opener that has been patented in 1795. This cork opener comes with a handle that provides the sufficient grip to the person who is opening the cork. A concave disc that is situated between the screw and the handle pulls out the cork from the mouth of the bottle. This opener is ideal for opening couple of bottles. If you are having a party then you should choose some other cork opener rather than using this one.

Waitress corkscrew: The most common type of corkscrew is the waitress corkscrew. It is widely used in many bars and wine cellars as it is portable and can be carried in your pocket. It can be folded into half making it smaller and portable. This is the main reason why many bars and waitress uses it to open the wine bottles. These bottle openers consist of a handle and a worm which digs deep inside the cork and provides sufficient grip to the waitress so that the cork can be pulled out from the wine bottle.

Air pressure wine opener: Air pressure wine opener uses a hollow needle which is inserted deep inside the cork so that a sufficient amount of carbon dioxide can be injected inside it. Carbon dioxide which is injected inside the bottle creates a certain pressure which releases the cork with a pop sound. This air pressure bottle opener doesn’t need any kind of physical efforts. These pressure openers are ideal for elder people who don’t have such power to pull the cork out using their hands. Also, air pressure wine opener can open the cork at a much faster rate.

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