Ways to Reduce Back Pain in the Office

Day-to-day activities in the office such as sitting, cradling in your cell phone and staring at your computer can cause poor posture. And, statistics indicate that poor posture can lead to episodes back and neck pain, further affecting your ability to get work done. The suggestions below can help improve your posture and ergonomics especially if you spend most of your day sitting in an office chair.

Investing in a Footrest

You need a good footrest to help you deal with back pain in the office. Not only does a footrest reduce the amount of pressure subjected to your back but also allows you to move your leg and foot, thereby improving circulation. Other than that, it helps improve your posture by enabling you to maintain the proper leg level. Even then, all footrest are not made equal. Visit Free Your Spine to view the best ergonomic footrests on the market and what makes them such brilliant choices.

Wear Supportive Footwear

Whenever possible, avoid wearing high-heeled shoes, especially when standing because they affect your body’s center of gravity.  Besides, high-heeled shoes can trigger a compensatory alignment of your body, further harming your posture and support. If your line of work involves standing for long periods, be sure to prop up your legs by wearing supportive shoes. You can also place a rubber mat in the floor to improve comfort.

Remember Good Ergonomics and Posture When Moving Around

Walking around in the office, holding a telephone or typing requires attention to your posture and ergonomics. It is essential, therefore, that you maintain a good posture when in motion to reduce the risk of injury. Walk tall, with raised shoulders. Keep in mind that back injuries are common when lifting or twisting caused by awkward movement and the inability to control the upper body.

The Bottom Line

Back pain can affect your productivity in the office. You should, therefore, create personalized ergonomics in your workspace. The idea is to make your office as comfortable as possible to allow you to do a lot without hurting your back. Don’t forget to place your keyboard, computer screen, and desk as well as your chair correctly.   Also, try to keep your body in alignment while sitting in your office chair. On top of that, distribute your body evenly when standing. Take a break from sitting in your office chair too. Get up and move every thirty minutes to stretch.

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