Try A Yogurt Maker To Create Appetizing And Healthy Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Are you among those who are constantly seeking to adopt a healthier lifestyle? You must have tried yogurts for sure if you fall in this group of people. Do you find it difficult to set your yogurt mixture at a desired temperature?

Don’t give a second thought, go and get a yogurt maker, as it is inexpensive and a reliable appliance for making best homemade yogurts ever.

Is microwave convection or any oven best suited for yoghurt making?

Many people would feel purchase of a yogurt maker as a waste of money and they do not explore many options. They will use any appliance to heat up the yogurt mixture without considering the fact which is pointed out here:

  • If you use oven to get the desired heat for 6- hours, you will end up using too much electricity.
  • If you skip oven and stick to the convection mode of a microwave oven, electricity consumption will have no limits and sometimes constant use of microwave for long hours can lead to dysfunctions in the appliance later.

So, though you would end up saving on the cost of yogurt maker, you would be paying huge electricity bills for sure. Yogurt maker seems to be the most inexpensive and easy to use appliance for making appetizing treats.

Tips to use the yogurt maker for healthy yet delicious yogurt

If you have already purchased a yogurt maker, follow these tips to use the device for treating yourself with the perfectly baked yogurts:

  • A low fat milk will give a thin consistency yogurt in the end.
  • Use the milk at room temperature, best is to boil refrigerated milk and then cool it before using to save the necessary bacterial cultures.
  • Add started yogurt pack to the milk for live bacteria cultures.
  • Stir the mixture carefully, stirring should not be too slow or too vigorous.
  • Add the mixture in your yogurt maker and let the appliance work for 8-10 hours.
  • Refrigerate the resultant yogurt for 3-4 hours to let it completely cool down before you serve.
  • You can add fruits, honey, dates, maple syrup or anything of your choice to make the yogurt more flavourful.

Serve a delicious cold yogurt, customize to suit your taste buds and have fun experimenting. Yogurts are not just mouth watering but also suits a healthy lifestyle. Dive in to the delicious treat yourself invite your friends to host a tempting yogurt party.

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