How Shape Affects Your Tropical Fish Tank Choice

When many homeowners go out to look for the perfect aquarium tank, they forget a critical aspect – the shape of the tank. They usually focus on the size and the added features and forget this important aspect. Many tend to check out the gallons and forget about the shape they will go into.

Today we look at the various reasons you need to consider when choosing the perfect tank for your fish to flourish.

Get the Ideal Fit

One of the top reasons why you need to consider the shape of the fish tank is that it needs to fit into the space that you have set aside for the aquarium. For many homeowners, the shape of the space that is set aside is not the conventional rectangle that many people think a fish tank ought to look like. Instead, it is usually an irregular size. To get the right shape, make sure you measure the different dimensions before making the decision.

You might decide to go for a bow-front aquarium or a hexagonal shape. If you cannot get the width that you desire, you might have better luck with a narrow yet deep aquarium.

The Surface Area

You also need to determine the size of the tank so that you get the perfect surface area for your fish. A larger area offers more habitat for the fish to grow, while a smaller area means you won’t have as much fish as you wish to. Deeper or taller tanks do not offer the surface area you are looking for. The more the surface area you get from the tank, the more space you have available to the fish. The surface area goes hand in hand with the amount of oxygen available to the fish.

Type of Fish to Keep

The shape of the fish tank also dictates the number and type of fish that you keep. If you wish to keep different species of fish, then go ahead and research where each fish likes to sit in the tank. If your fish live in the lower, middle and upper parts of the tank, then go for a column tank. A tall, narrow tank from might do the trick. The actual size of the fish also determines the shape of the tank. Make sure it is wide enough to accommodate a fully grown fish.

In Closing

Make sure you understand what kind of shape suits the space in your home before picking the tropical fish tank.

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