Know About Different Types Of Mattresses Before Purchasing The One

Comfortable sleeping is quite important in order to feel fresh and energetic all round the clock. Thus, it is advisable to purchase the best rated memory foam mattresses for waking up without pain.

There are various types of mattresses available in the market such as latex mattresses, airbed mattresses, air chamber mattresses, visco elastic mattresses etc. It is advisable to collect information about them and purchase the one that is suitable for you.

Know more about memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses or the visco elastic mattresses are one of the latest advancement and offer a high level of comfort to the users. Memory foam mattresses retain the shape of the person sleeping and provide the needed support to the body and relieve the joints. Although the prices of the visco elastic mattresses have considerably gone down from the time when they were newly introduced in the market, but their prices are still more than the prices of the coil mattresses and many other mattresses. The best part of the memory foam mattresses is that they distribute the weight of the sleeper evenly irrelevant of the sleeping positions.

Know the pros and cons of the latex mattresses

One of the best mattresses available in the market is the latex mattress, but yes it also has various pros and cons associated with it.


  • Comfort level – the best part of the latex mattress is that it provides great comfort to the sleeper. It is to be noted that the mattress is soft as well as provides a strong support to the one on the bed.
  • Give relief from pain – another important benefit of the latex mattress is that it provides relieve in the back pain as well as the joint pains. Thus, many a time’s health professional refers the latex mattresses to the one suffering from the joint pain or the back pain.
  • Proper spine alignment – proper alignment of the spine during sleep is of utmost importance and latex mattresses provide proper spine alignment during the sleep. The heavy area of body like hips, shoulders etc. swiftly sink in the latex mattress while the lighter parts of the body get a strong support, thus providing a natural alignment to the spinal cord.
  • Durable – the latex mattresses are quite durable thus they prove to be a cost effective option in long term.


  • Cost of the mattresses – the cost of latex mattress is one of the major drawbacks as these are quite expensive than other mattresses such as the coil mattresses.
  • Weight of the mattresses – the latex mattresses are supposed to be quite heavier in weight but it is to be noted that the weight of different latex mattresses is different.

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