Indications that you need a New Toilet

How do you tell that it is time to replace your toilet? Most homeowners tend to keep toilets way too long than necessary. Below is a list of sure-fire signs that it’s time to get a new toilet for your home.

Too Many Repairs

Repairing your toilet is one of the most involving repair chores you can undertake. If you have to rebuild your toilet now and then, you should consider getting a new one altogether. Common signs of a toilet that has outlived its usefulness include a malfunctioning handle, fill valve, flapper, and the list goes on. Sure, you can do the repairs but it will cost you much more in the long run. In other words, you should weigh the maintenance cost versus buying a new toilet.

Frequent Clogs

The last thing that you want in your house is a toilet that won’t stop to clog. Imagine the amount of stress you can undergo if you have to unplug your toilet more than twice every week.  Indeed, it is not a pleasant experience not to mention that it takes a lot of time to unplug a toilet. Besides, you will you’ll have to pay higher water bills just to maintain your toilet’s functionality.

It is important to mention at this point that you need to do enough research before buying a new toilet. You have to be sure that the unit you plan to buy offers what you’re looking for and that it’s within your budget. Visit Homa Spa Select to read expert reviews on some of the best toilets you can get on the market.  That way, you’ll spend your money on the correct model, and by extension get value for your money.

Cracked Porcelain

Don’t ignore the small cracks that occur in the bowl or tank of your toilet. When unattended to, these cracks can cause serious leaks and flooding. Be sure to carry out routine checks on your bowl to ensure that it doesn’t have cracks.  Replace your toilet as soon as possible when you spot a crack before it breaks completely.

In conclusion

Be wary of leaks in your toilet when you flush. Also, scratches on the porcelain mean that you will have to spend more time cleaning your toilet. Moreover, you’ll want to buy a new toilet if it can’t flush down all the waste. At the end of the day, the ideal toilet should be efficient and easy to maintain.

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