How to Help Your Pet and Your Kid Coexist

According to studies, over a hundred million pets reside in households across the country. These include dogs, birds, cats and other animals. Many of these households are planning to have a baby, and if you have been keen enough, there are instances when the baby and the pet do not mix at all.

While some pets might come when not well trained and end up attacking humans, some coexist peacefully with humans.

So, how can you make sure your home is a haven for both the kid and the pet?

Make Sure the Pet is Vaccinated

First, before even the kid gets home, you need to make sure the pet is fully vaccinated against all manner of illnesses and that it is free from parasites.

You also need to introduce the pet to change by allowing it to smell the nursery, baby items and more. Animals usually go through stress when they change their routine, so make sure you give them an idea that things will soon change.

Do not make changes to where the pet sleeps or eats, as these are places that the pet feels territorial and in control. To take this a step further, you can play a tape of the baby crying so that it does not come as a surprise to the pet.

When the Baby Gets Home

Once the baby gets home, you need to find a way to spend time with both the pet and the baby so that you make sure the pet gets used to the new family member.

Depending on the personality of the pet, you need to either restrict or let him free. If the pet is naturally active, use a leash to restrict him so that he does not end up disturbing the baby.

Some pets might try to show they are dominant in the home and might end up trying to grab the baby by their teeth. Make sure this does not happen at all. This is also a reason why you should never leave the two at all times.

As the Child Grows

As your child grows, make sure you do not allow him to handle the pet without anyone looking after him. See this post for more information. The dog might take off and drag the baby with him, making it a disaster.

Final Words

You need to know that the connection between the pet and the baby doesn’t happen just like that. You need to make it happen the right way.

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