Different Kinds Of Hair Brushes For Styling Your Hair

Hair enhances the overall look of your face and boosts your style and confidence among other people around you. Women purchase their hair brushes according to the condition or the texture of their hairs. Different types of hair brushes are used to comb different types of hairs. Many kind of hair brushes are available in the market to choose from. You can get to know about different types of hair brushes at http://www.brushedstraight.com/straightening-brush-care/.

Some of the popular types of hair brushes are mentioned below.

  • Paddle hair brush: Paddle hair brush proves to be useful in smoothing and detangling your hair. Paddle hair brush is ideal for all types of hairs and textures. If properly used these brushes can last for years. A paddle brush is large, wide, and flat in size and is typically made of ceramic, timber or plastic. The bristles used in this type of hair brush are usually nylon bristles, ball tipped nylon bristles. Their bristles massage your head scalp and evenly spread oil into the hair roots.
  • Military hair brush: Military hair brush usually has no handle. These brushes are usually held in the palm of the hand to comb the hairs. Military hair brushes are available in standard size and shape. Its bristles are made up of usually nylon or natural boar. Military hair brushes are ideal for smooth look and don’t leave comb lines as in case of traditional comb. You can use Military hair brush for super smooth styling of your hairs.
  • Round hair brush: Round hair brush are usually round in shape and look like a cylinder in which bristles are attached for combing purpose. Some are steady while some have rolling feature which looks like a roller. Round hair brush is ideal for thick hairs and if you want to give your hairs a curly look, then round hair brush is the best option available of all. They come in various sizes and shapes. Some have larger cylinder which provides your hair with some big good looking curls.
  • Half radial hair brush: Half radial hair brushes are basically round hair brushes which are cut in half from the middle. One side of this brush is rounded and the other side is completely flat which provides massage to your head scalp as well as provides you with some curly hairs. Those who have high volumes of thick hairs must use half radial hair brush.

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