How Cleaning Companies Are Using Instagram

No one can dispute the fact that cleanliness is an important aspect of everyone’s life irrespective of the background or social setting. That is why individuals and companies alike spend loads of cash on a regular basis just to keep their habitats clean and fit for survival. Cleaning business will never fail to bring returns as long as you offer exemplary services and know how to package yourself. Competition in this field has risen in the recent past but this does not mean that you cannot have your way as you as long as you know the trick of social media marketing. The following are simple tips on how to use Instagram as a cleaning company

    1. Promote your services

You need a way of communicating with your target customers or else you will close down due to lack of sales. In the past, people had to buy spaces on local dailies, TV or print posters and business cards and drop them to potential customers. The internet era has changed everything and you can now market your services without incurring so many expenses. You can post flyers on your Instagram page and make sure they are in the right dimensions. State what you offer on such posters and charges wherever applicable.

    1. Increase your follower base

We cannot ignore the impact of a large following on Instagram and high activity level as it increases the chances of making a sale. People are always attracted to profiles with fame and high activity levels. Paving your way up might be hard because you have to strike a balance between serving customers and managing social media. You can boost your following on Instagram and engagement using automation tools and get enough time for service delivery. You can check out these user reviews of, which is a service that boosts likes on your posts and followers on your account.

    1. Create partnerships

No one is fully independent in this world and you will need a good network to succeed in this sector. You will source cleaning materials and other substances from various vendors to make your work swift. You can approach such companies and strike a deal to promote their products either at a fee or discount their products every time you make an order. You can offer cleaning tips on a regular basis and remember to mention your sponsors. Make sure that you sign binding contracts whenever you have such deals.

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