Indications that you need a New Toilet

How do you tell that it is time to replace your toilet? Most homeowners tend to keep toilets way too long than necessary. Below is a list of sure-fire signs that it’s time to get a new toilet for your home.

Too Many Repairs

Repairing your toilet is one of the most involving repair chores you can undertake. If you have to rebuild your toilet now and then, you should consider getting a new one altogether. Common signs of a toilet that has outlived its usefulness include a malfunctioning handle, fill valve, flapper, and the list goes on. Sure, you can do the repairs but it will cost you much more in the long run. In other words, you should weigh the maintenance cost versus buying a new toilet.

Frequent Clogs

The last thing that you want in your house is a toilet that won’t stop to clog. Imagine the amount of stress you can undergo if you have to unplug your toilet more than twice every week.  Indeed, it is not a pleasant experience not to mention that it takes a lot of time to unplug a toilet. Besides, you will you’ll have to pay higher water bills just to maintain your toilet’s functionality.

It is important to mention at this point that you need to do enough research before buying a new toilet. You have to be sure that the unit you plan to buy offers what you’re looking for and that it’s within your budget. Visit Homa Spa Select to read expert reviews on some of the best toilets you can get on the market.  That way, you’ll spend your money on the correct model, and by extension get value for your money.

Cracked Porcelain

Don’t ignore the small cracks that occur in the bowl or tank of your toilet. When unattended to, these cracks can cause serious leaks and flooding. Be sure to carry out routine checks on your bowl to ensure that it doesn’t have cracks.  Replace your toilet as soon as possible when you spot a crack before it breaks completely.

In conclusion

Be wary of leaks in your toilet when you flush. Also, scratches on the porcelain mean that you will have to spend more time cleaning your toilet. Moreover, you’ll want to buy a new toilet if it can’t flush down all the waste. At the end of the day, the ideal toilet should be efficient and easy to maintain.

Red Lipstick Makeup Tips

Red lipstick can be striking and sexy only if you know how to wear it. It is a color that stands out and adds style to your look. Women have applied red lipstick with great results for centuries, and they still look for better ways to wear it until today. With so many shades, brands and choices available today, you can change your appearance with this tube.

It is a little surprising that in this time and age women become nervous about wearing red lipstick, and some tend to avoid it altogether. If you have never worn red, you can feel a little intimidated at first, but once you get the hang of it and find the right shade from Lovely Lips, you are ready for the world.

Choose the Shade

With so many varieties and shades available for you to pick from, you need to be careful and pick the right one that compliments your beauty. You can easily find deep berry colors, red mattes, and glossy shades. When making the perfect selection, consider your special features. If you are of fair complexion, go for true red color.

Warmer skin tones will look better with hues of coppery red and brown.

Wearing the Lipstick

Let us look at some tips to wear this lipstick the right way so that you can leave an impression. First, you need to go slow on the rest of the makeup. Avoid the bright eye shadow and blusher. Don’t scatter the colors everywhere, as this will overwhelm the lipstick.

You will have to take the intensity down a bit. In such a case, go for neutral colors as compared to screaming shades.  Don’t overdo the eye shadow as this will clash with your lipstick. Instead, go for beige, gold or brown for a warm complexion. For a fair tone, go for gray or camel colors.

Avoid using eyeliner; instead, go for a few coats of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes. Finish off the look with matte powder.

Before you use the lipstick, apply a lip liner that is a shade lighter than the lipstick. This will help keep the lipstick in place.

Closing Remarks

Bringing out the features of your face requires careful application of red lipstick. Take time to choose the perfect shade, putting into consideration the color of your skin. Make sure you wear the lipstick the eight ways, avoiding any makeup that will overshadow the red color.

Sources of Financial Security

Do you know the state of your current financial situation? Do you have what you need and you have some extra on the side.  In other words, do you have some extra money to use without feeling the pinch? If you have a robust retirement strategy in place, you are just on your way to financial security. In a way, you need to consider setting up other streams to add to the plan.

To achieve this, you must have some money to invest. You can use part of your savings or divert the income from one business to the other.

Stocks and Portfolios

If you have enough funds to invest, then you can consider investing in stocks and portfolios. The amount you spend will depend upon the amount you have set aside for this purpose, and the good thing about these options is you stand to gain profits from your investments.

However, you need to take time to scout around for an asset management agency to help you choose the right investment portfolio. You can even consider investing your funds in mutual funds or the stock market. Contrary to myths, these investment options do not need vast amounts of cash, and the investments are also easy to monitor.

You might not know about investments, but with the right portfolio manager, you can get all the advice to manage the money you invest. The managers will guide you to the perfect options to invest in.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With the right real estate investment, you can make money each month. Make sure you offer something that others are not offering. For instance, you can come up with commercial properties that are affordable to a large number of people.

Real estate is a volatile segment of investment. For starters, you can flip houses for sale, that is, you buy the house, renovate it and then sell it off at a profit. You need to research and find the right area of real estate to trade in. This website represents a major source of critical information to your survival in real estate.


One of the ways to grow your money is investing. Most people get to retirement age when they do not have any investment apart from the house they live in. This does not constitute financial independence. Instead, try to make this money to work for you. Make sure you take time to identify the right investment for you.

4 Outdoor Activities That You Can Try Today

Spending eight hours a day at the workstation can somehow drain our energy levels. Humans were not meant to be dull, but the competition and pressures of this world cannot let most people live life to the fullest. Challenges will always be there, but you have to let your body and brain to relax once in a while. The following are the ideal outdoor activities that can uplift your spirits.

Mountain climbing

This activity attracts people from all walks of life especially those who want to conquer nature. It requires months of preparation which includes having the right outfit, foods and training your body to endure pressure. The preparation will depend on the chosen mountains and expected duration. It is not advisable to do mountain climbing during the rainy season because sliding can cause accidents. You should go for this activity as a group and if possible, hire a guide.


If you like to keep your health in check, then this is the ultimate outdoor activity. Sometimes you do not even need the company of friends because you can bike in your neighborhood without any worries. You can join a bikers club in your locality and share ideas and make new friends in the process. You should have the right outfit before hitting the road to avoid accidents and minimize injuries. You can visit Bikers Basics for some of the best reviews of bikers wear to keep you in check. You can even decide to follow biking trails deep into the forest and enjoy the natural breeze once in a while.


Who said that you cannot have fun during the winter season? Many people know the winter as a season where they just wear heavy clothing and continue with life as normal without having fun. Contrary to the famous belief, you can still have a good time during this season. A lot of ski resorts have also popped up to spice up the experience.


This activity is one of the oldest outdoor recreational activities, and it does not look like it will be losing its touch anytime soon. You can get a chance to get out of the comfort of your house and spend a night in a camp.

The beauty of outdoor activities is that they give you a chance to be in touch with nature. Ensure that you have all the right outfit before you head out for any outdoor activity.