Are Sidewall Conveyor Belts Ideal for Your Business?

Sidewall Conveyor belts are unique in a way, from the design to functionality. Even though they are intended to move items from one point to the other, they come with particular benefits regular conveyor belts don’t offer.

Below is a checklist of some advantages of using sidewall conveyor belts.

Items are Relatively Safer

One of the primary concerns of a conveyor belt system is the ability to move items/materials safely. Sidewall Conveyor belts come with walled edges to reduce the likelihood of materials slipping or sliding off the system. Some even have partitions to ensure that the items remain confined to a particular place. In other words sidewall conveyor belts, by design, seek to reduce spillage of items/materials.

Superior Grip

Most sidewall belts feature a rubber surface which offers a better grip. The rubber surface just liked the walled edges ensures that items on the moving belt are safe. The rubber surface also provides up to 5 times more adhesion in comparison to other types of conveyor belts.

Faster Movement of Items

Because the walls prevent items from falling off the moving belt, it is possible to move nearly as twice the number of items/materials in lesser time. In fact, it is almost impossible to move items fast in a regular belt without the risk of spillage.

No Need for Multiple Transport Points

When moving items using non-walled conveyor belts, it is critical to keep adjusting randomly displaced items to ensure seamless delivery from one point to the other. In essence, this means that workers have to be placed on the system to put back in place the displaced items. With a sidewall conveyor belt, such requirements are not necessary.

Helps Save Space

Sidewall Conveyor belts can be installed as per the available space primarily because these belts are designed to transport items at a ninety degrees angle.

Other benefits of using sidewall conveyor belts include;

  • The belts feature a cross-rigid pattern to help reduce glitches during operation
  • They have less number of conveyor footprints for increased efficiency
  • Saves operational costs – Sidewall Conveyor belts require a minimum human action which in term saves labor costs.

At RPI Rubber Plastics Inc, we are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your sidewall conveyor belts. Our team of qualified technicians will always be on hand to install and service your sidewall conveyor belts at competitive rates. Be sure to visit for more information.

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