3 Marketing Methods You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

Today we are going to look at some marketing methods that you’re probably not very familiar with. These are email marketing, content marketing in a specific way and automating your marketing.

Let’s start with Email Marketing first

The reason why people don’t use this crazy effective strategy is that they forget to collect the email addresses from their customers, and with no email list well, there is not much to market to of course. This is why it’s important that the day you start your new online business you immediately start collecting emails from your website visitors.

You can do this with the help of pop-ups and other opt-in forms. One very effective way to get them to opt-in is by putting content upgrades at the bottom of your post. For example, you make a post about 5 ways to market your business on Instagram and the upgrade include 3 exclusive bonus tips. The only way to get that is by submitting their name and email address and now you can email them over and over again in the hope of driving a sale now or later.

How Does Automating Your Marketing Work

Real easy really, this post explains it all, in great detail but I’m going to reveal it here as well. You can simply automate it by purchasing a bot that does this for you, it auto-likes people, follows them, shares their posts and places comments, all to get the interaction going.

You enter a few settings to reach your desired audience and the bot does the rest in a 100% hands-off way. This way you can focus your time on crafting emails and things that you want to post, or on your actual work so that you can provide your clients with top-notch work instead of a rush job like we see so often online.

Content Marketing & Outreach Combined

Your content doesn’t market itself, you have to put the effort in to get people to see it and the easiest way to do it is by either ranking your site (this takes long so not ideal for starters but definitely an item for your must-do list) or by reaching out in bulk.

There are tools that can help you with this BuzzSumo is one of such and so are mailing clients like Mailshake, simply scrape thousands of websites relevant to your niche, use a tool like Hunter.io to scrape their email addresses and mail them an offer they can’t resist in bulk.

Use these methods or even better combine them and soon you will have a huge flow of new customers wanting you!


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